Knorr Kinderwagen und Babyschalen von knorr-baby

Questions, which are popular to be asked:

‘I can’t find a competent merchant in the near of my ambit. Where can I buy a knorr-baby pram?’

- Knorr-baby products can be bought in every well sorted specialist shop or online shop. We can also help you, please send us an email with your request and the postal code, then we will help you.

‘Where can I find Information according to the prices etc.?’

- Price information you can only get from the knorr-baby merchants.

‘Is it advisable to buy a second hand pram of knorr-baby?’

- We advise not to do this, due to the hygienic reasons for newborn babys. You would lay / sit your baby in a pram, which was already used by another baby? Furthermore you don’t know if there has been contact with animals or liquids..

‘Things to know in fact of guarantee and warranty’:

- Our guarantee and warranty is not effective if you are using a second-hand pram.

- Guarantee claims only if you have a valid sales receipt. Repairing’s which are not in the guarantee will be calculated and charged.

‘Which air pressure is needed?’

- We advise you to not fill the wheels with more than 0,8 Bar. If you require only an inner tube, please contact a specialized shop or a bike store. These 12 Inch inner tubes are commercially available products.

‘Can we change the wheels from big into small ones or from air wheels into plastic wheels?’

- Every pram has his special axis and wheels. So changing the wheels is impossible according to the safety aspects. Please understand this.

‘Can a second child be transported additionally with the knorr-baby pram?’

- According to the safety aspects – NO – the pram is extensively produced for the transport of one child.

‘Who is the person I have to approach to, if there is a reclaim?’

- Reclaims can be arranged with your contract partner (the shop where you have bought the article). We have spare parts for actual models and maximum models, which are produced 3 years ago.

‘Please observe the following contents for the welfare of your child’:

- Don’t have your child without observing in the baby stroller

- Please do not transport any further children, bags, luggage and other accessory with the pram.

- Please always fasten the seat belt of the pram.

- Don’t use the pram at escalators and stairs. Please fold it and carry it with you.

- Please press the break by parking the pram.

- Before using the pram, make sure, that the pram is fully opened.

- Please do not overload the pram because it will get insecure! The maximum weight is 15kilos.

- Do not use the pram in the near of fire.